Customer Stories

Read our real customer stories and understand their personal experiences renting with My Future Living

There are many reasons why people move into a retirement living development – some to downsize, others to relocate. Security and peace of mind from the onsite manager could be a priority and others may be looking to live in a community environment. So many of our customers say they wish they made the move to the retirement living years ago.

Read stories from our customers below and find out why they chose to rent in a retirement community…

Mr & Mrs Jones

Trading a Victorian house for freedom and savings: One Couple’s journey to Retirement Rentals Facing spiralling rent and the ever-growing burden and cost of maintaining their spacious Victorian house and managing the large garden, Paul Jones, a 68-year-old retired landscape gardener and his wife Lindsey, a 63-year-old part-time nurse realised something had to change. “The […]

Donald Chemney

Donald Chemney considers this move to be one of the best decisions he has ever made, second only to marrying his beloved wife.

Margaret James

Margaret -James loves her My Future Living apartment so much that she has lived there for 32 years with no plans of ever moving!

Trevor Worrell

Trevor Worrell downsized to a one-bedroom flat in retirement development Marlowe Lodge and feels like he has finally found a community where he belongs.

Susan Long

“Even though it was a grey September day, the minute I walked into the first flat in Norfolk House, a retirement development in Gosport, I just knew this was my new home. It just felt so right.”

James Hall

James Hall loves the quiet life at Homelake House retirement development in Poole, Dorset.

After being forced to leave his long-term rental home in June this year, James knows this won’t happen again as he is now on an assured tenancy agreement with My Future Living.