Tips for keeping warm and healthy this winter

Posted 29th November 2021

As we head into the winter months it’s especially important for older people to stay warm and healthy. According to AgeUK, as we age our immune systems become weaker and less able to fight off viruses. We also gradually lose the muscle mass that helps us keep warm and moving about.

One Month Rent Free

Posted 24th November 2021

At My Future Living we make renting in retirement easy and affordable, so you can enjoy the next chapter of your life. For a limited time only we’re also offering One Month Rent Free on selected properties so there’s no better time to get in touch. Our team would be happy to hear from you […]

What are the financial benefits of living in a retirement community?

Posted 22nd November 2021

Moving to a specialist retirement development can bring significant financial benefits. As we move towards the winter months energy bills are one of the areas where people can make savings.

Are you ready to move to your dream retirement location?

Posted 16th November 2021

Autumn spells the end of the holiday season, but as warmer weather is likely to continue for a while, this the ideal season for those considering moving home.

Why renting in retirement is gaining in popularity

Posted 2nd November 2021

When people get older their housing priorities often change, and whilst home ownership can seem like the preferred option, we’re seeing growing numbers turn to renting instead.

Top tips for becoming more energy efficient this winter

Posted 22nd October 2021

It’s World Energy Day on 22nd October 2021 organised by the World Energy Council whose mission is to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all. Also the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference is taking place in Glasgow from 31st October until 12th November which aims to unite the world to tackle climate change.