The six benefits of
renting in retirement

Flexibility and freedom

Build a new future and enjoy your retirement by opting for the flexibility and freedom of renting. Choosing to rent can enable you to move to a more manageable sized home in a new location or move closer to family and friends. If you find you do not like where you’ve moved, renting is so flexible you can move again easily and quickly.

Affordable way to move

Renting enables you to move to your dream location whether that is the coast, a pretty market town or close to glorious countryside, without the costs associated with buying such as stamp duty. We have a huge choice of apartments in developments throughout the UK to suit all budgets and tastes.

Long term rental contracts

Worried that renting is only a temporary option? With an assured ‘lifelong’ tenancy (or our periodic standard occupational contract in Wales) this is not the case. Most properties come with long term rental contracts which means you can stay for as long as you wish and only move out if you choose to.

Ease of living

Enjoy your retirement without the worry of having to maintain a property and garden. Things go wrong in homes – boilers break, roofs leak and fences fall – all of which you need to deal with if you own your home. Renting takes away all this hassle and cost, as it is the landlord’s responsibility to take care of all these things.

Community living

Live independently but feel part of a community. The opportunity to live in a friendly community is a big attraction for many, especially for those that live alone or a long way from family and friends. Most developments have communal areas and organise activities such as bingo and fish and chip dinners, or outings to nearby attractions, pubs and restaurants.

Additional support

Although moving into a retirement development is all about independent living, there is support available should you need it as you get older. An on-site manager is there during the day, plus there is the 24-hour emergency Careline in each apartment and a lift to access different floors. Being part of a friendly community also means there are neighbours close by too.