Donald Chemney

Embracing Retirement Renting: Donald Chemney’s Life-Changing Decision

In February 2023, Donald Chemney, an 89-year-old retired butcher, baker, soldier, and oil industry worker, made a life-changing decision. He moved into a charming one-bedroom property at Brook Court in Salford, Greater Manchester, which he rented through the retirement rental company, My Future Living. Donald considers this move to be one of the best decisions he has ever made, second only to marrying his beloved wife.

A Perfect Fit

Having spent several years living in Saudi Arabia while pursuing his career, Donald knew that Salford, his hometown, was where he wanted to retire. His main motivation was to provide care for his wife, Shelia, who suffers from dementia. Unfortunately, a fall in his garden resulted in a broken thigh, rendering him unable to care for his wife. As Shelia moved into a nearby care home, Donald realised it was time to downsize and find a more suitable home. That’s when he came across My Future Living through a newspaper advert, and fate seemed to guide him towards an apartment in a retirement development on the road where his wife grew up. It felt like a perfect match.

Brook Court: A Welcoming Community:

When he visited Brook Court for the first time, Donald instantly fell in love with the place. Located just a 15-minute walk from his wife’s care home, it offered great convenience for his daily visits. Beyond the practicality, what truly attracted Donald was the overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere within the community. Everywhere he turned, there was a friendly face, a kind word, and someone to have a conversation with. He describes the social life at Brook Court as vibrant, with a wide range of activities such as bingo, games nights, BBQs, coffee mornings, and more. Donald no longer feels alone, as people welcome him with friendly greetings and engaging conversations.

Active Engagement and Volunteer Work:

In his spare time, Donald volunteers with the local scout group, a commitment he has upheld for several years. He proudly claims to be one of the oldest scouts around, having been involved since the age of eight. Throughout the years, he has served as a scout leader and established several scout groups. Brook Court provides him with ample opportunities to pursue his love for gardening. Donald has taken on a section of the communal gardens, enriching them with colourful plants. These gardens are conveniently located near the main BBQ area, where residents frequently gather to socialise and enjoy the outdoors.

Financial Benefits and Freedom:

Renting a retirement property has also proven to be a sound financial choice for Donald. Proceeds from the sale of his previous home now support Shelia’s care, while renting also grants him a comfortable and hassle-free retirement. Donald is pleased he now has the freedom to enjoy life, travel, and visit his sons, including one who lives in Sydney. With funds in the bank, he eagerly is looking forward to his goal for next year: a trip to visit his son and meet his grandchild.

Donald Chemney’s decision to embrace retirement renting through My Future Living has had a positive impact on his life. By moving to Brook Court, he found a home that offers not only convenience but also a warm and welcoming community. Engaging in volunteer work, tending to the communal gardens, and participating in various social activities have invigorated his retirement years. Financially, renting has provided him with stability, allowing him to support his wife’s care and enjoy his retirement.