Why living in a sociable retirement community is the secret to a happy and healthy retirement

Posted 26th September 2023

Helping to Avoid Loneliness During Retirement

On the topic of living in a sociable retirement community, we found a recent poll by ProMatura International and ARCO[i]. They found that those living in retirement communities have healthier, more active, more social, more secure, and happier lives.

Happy tenants enjoying socialising in retirement community

They suggested that ridding yourself of the responsibility and worry of running a family home unleashes a new kind of freedom. Many also said that they saw moving into a retirement community as a chance to make new friends and feel more in control of their lives[ii].

This highlights that moving into a more suitable property when you get older and living with other likeminded people you can socialise with can transform retirement living, and help people really make the most of this period of their lives.

As well as staying fit and healthy, experts now believe one of the best ways to age gracefully is to be sociable.  The charity, Age UK[iii] highlights research that suggests that having close ties to friends and family, and participating in meaningful social activities, may help people maintain their thinking skills better in later life and slow down cognitive decline.

One shining example of this is the heart-warming story of Jean, one of our tenants who found her ideal retirement apartment by the coast a few years ago.

Jean decided to move with her husband from North London in East Sussex for a quieter way of life and to be close to the sea. She rents a two-bedroom apartment at retirement development Homeshore House in Seaford on an assured tenancy and says renting in retirement is the best decision she ever made.

Jean says: “It was a great decision to move and now every day I enjoy stress-free living.”

Jean, previously a legal secretary, is an active and sociable 76 year old who thrives on the social aspects of retirement life. Her husband sadly died a few years ago but the community around her really supported her.

Tenant in the well maintained garden of retirement development

She particularly enjoys helping to organise social events for residents in the development including bingo evenings, garden centre visits, pub lunches and golden oldies film afternoons. She also volunteers for two charities helping people recovering from strokes and people with sight problems.

Jean says: “I love being part of the community and helping get those who want to socialise to get out and about. There is also a communal greenhouse where we grow and share all our produce with each other. It’s a lovely way to get out, keep busy and meet new people.

“Homeshore House is the perfect place to live, not only because the surroundings and gardens are immaculate with trees dotted everywhere, but the downs are on one side and the sea on the other. Right outside our development is a bus stop which means I can easily get into Brighton and Eastbourne.”

Jean says: “We used to own a lovely house but maintaining it was getting harder. We also wanted to free up some money so we could help our son with a deposit for his own place. Although my husband is no longer here I have a worry-free life and if something needs fixing its sorted very quickly with no stress to us.”

Jean is fully embracing the social life that comes with living in a retirement community and often spend afternoons in the communal lounge mingling, listening to music and chatting with others.

Jean concludes: “I highly recommend renting in retirement. It’s a fantastic way of life with no worries. What’s not to love?”

Happy tenant in retirement apartment rental

Jean’s story underscores the importance of community and being sociable in retirement. It’s a reminder that ageing gracefully isn’t just about staying physically fit; it’s also about staying socially connected, active, and happy. This is even more important for people living alone like Jean.

Retirement communities like Homeshore House can offer the perfect recipe for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement and, for couples and single people alike, the opportunity to feel part of a friendly and welcoming community.

To find out more about renting a home in a retirement development visit: www.myfutureliving.co.uk

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