Staying Safe in your retirement home

Posted 24th January 2024

Top tips to keep yourself safe when renting your retirement home

Lithium-ion batteries

Insurance company Aviva is warning customers to be aware of fires being caused by lithium – ion batteries after seeing an increase in claims over the past 5 years.

Aviva says “For the majority of people, devices powered by lithium-ion batteries such as mobile phones, laptops, power tools, and e-bikes are safe to use. However, these batteries can present a significant fire risk if the battery fails, is faulty, or is charged incorrectly.”

There are several things you can do to stay safe around lithium – ion batteries…
  • Ensure you use the original battery for the device
  • Monitor the condition of the battery and device
  • Learn about the signs of a lithium – ion battery is about to fail
  • Store batteries and devices safely
  • Ensure the smoke alarms in your property are working
Signs that a lithium – ion battery is failing:
  • Excessive heat
  • Unusual smells
  • Bulging batteries
  • Leaking
  • Unusual noises such as cracking or hissing
  • Poor performance of the device

Ensure your smoke alarms are working, and follow the above tips to avoid a device catching fire.

Read Aviva’s full article here.

Staying safe with emollients

Fire & Rescue Services have recently run a National Campaign regarding the use of emollients (skin barrier creams and sprays) and the fire risk involved. The most common uses are for the treatment of eczema and bed sores.

These emollients, if in contact with a naked flame, can cause devastating fire and fatality. This is due to them having some levels of paraffin.

Any fabric with emollient dried on to it can catch fire much more quickly and burn hotter than clean fabric. The advice, if you use these creams or sprays:

  • Do not smoke if you are wearing clothes or near bedding which has been in contact with an emollient cream
  • Ensure all fabrics that have come into contact with emollient cream are washed frequently at high temperatures.
  • Check to see if the cream you are using contains paraffin (some creams may show a fire risk warning)
  • Consider asking a health professional if there is an alternative cream that does not contain paraffin is available.
  • Never light candles in the home.

Read Fire Safety Matters full article here.

Other top tips to keep yourself safe when renting your retirement home

  • Ensure that your smoke alarm is in working order. Contact us if it is not working.
  • Create an emergency phone tree for alerting family or friends
  • Keep floors clear of clutter to prevent slips and trips. Consider removing rugs or fixing them to the floor
  • Ensure that there is adequate lighting throughout the apartment. Consider adding table lamps if more light is needed.
  • Arrange your furniture to keep walkways clear. For example, use tables at either end of the sofa rather than a coffee table in the middle of the lounge.