Thinking of moving out?

Assured shorthold tenancies

Your agreement will run for the agreed fixed term. Three months before the expiry of the fixed term  a decision will be made on whether to  renew the tenancy or regain possession at the end of the fixed term. We will then contact you to either offer a further tenancy or provide you with two clear months’ notice to vacate the property.

If you wish to leave your home

You must check your tenancy agreement as it will state how you can end your tenancy. Please make sure you read the clause in full and never assume it is just one months’ notice – our agreements rarely have just one month’s notice.

Whilst the tenancy agreement will detail the minimum amount of notice we require, if you are able to give us notice as soon as you know, even if you don’t plan to move for some months it is very helpful. This ensures all end of tenancy procedures are done promptly and your deposit is returned as soon as possible.

Notice must be given in writing. We only accept notice from the date we receive your notice letter or email in our office; it will not take effect from the date you write the letter or the date you posted it. You can call our tenancy department to make us aware of your intentions but the notice will only be accepted once confirmed in writing.

We will always write to acknowledge receipt of your notice letter to confirm the tenancy end process and advise you of the next steps; including a check out inspection and the return of your deposit.

If you do not hear from us, please check we have received your letter as they can sometimes get lost in the post.

Moving out early

If you need to leave the property earlier than you originally intended or before the end of your tenancy term, please contact us to discuss how best to proceed. Again, please give as much notice as is possible.

Check-out inspection

We will arrange for a check-out inspection to be carried out once you have left the property. This will include checking for repairs and maintenance issues you are responsible for as well as damages or missing items. We will notify you of the inspection findings.


Once the check-out has been conducted, we will receive instructions regarding the deposit including details of any deductions. Cleaning costs and unpaid rent are the top reasons why deposit money is withheld when a tenant moves out of a rented property, so you may want to consider using a professional cleaning company. When the deductions are agreed by both the tenant and the landlord the deposit money will be returned to your account, less any agreed deductions. This typically takes 10 working days.

Moving out

This information has been prepared to help your move go smoothly and to enable us to deal with your deposit and close your account as quickly as possible. You have no legal right to return to the property after the lawful end of the tenancy in order to put anything right (e.g. to finish the cleaning). Please read through the following sections and allow plenty of time for the necessary preparations.