Responsibilities of retirement renting explained

Customer responsibilities of retirement renting

By signing a tenancy agreement you enter a legally binding contract with the landlord to keep to the terms of the agreement. It is important you read the tenancy agreement carefully and understand what it says.

Key responsibilities as a tenant include:

  • Take good care of the property. – Keep the property clean, tidy and in good decorative order. You will be liable if the property falls into disrepair through neglect and/or accidental damage.
  • Repairs – Report any repairs or damage quickly so we can fix it before it – becomes worse. If damage is caused by you or a visitor, it must be repaired or paid for by yourself.
  • Rent and Additional Charges – Rent must be paid in full and on time, as laid out in your tenancy agreement or contract. Other charges such as utilities and council tax must also be paid on time.
  • Pests – You must deal with a pest infestation in cases where it is caused by your own actions, e.g. by not taking the rubbish out.
  • Security – Follow the security procedures on site to ensure that the security of the development is not put at risk.
  • Insurance – Ensure you have relevant home contents insurance to cover your own belongings and accidental damage.
  • Anti-social behaviour – Refrain from acting in an anti-social way towards your neighbours, onsite manager or landlord. You can also be held accountable for the anti-social behaviour of anyone who visits you.
  • Health and Safety – Report any health and safety issues to My Future Living and follow the fire safety information provided on site.
  • Alterations and works – You must contact us to get written permission if you wish to carry out an alteration or improvement to your property This includes any adaptations, redecoration and wallpapering.
  • Do not sublet – You must not sublet the property or allow anyone else who is not a tenant to live in the property

Landlord responsibilities of retirement renting

The landlord is responsible for:

  • Maintaining installations for supplying water gas and electricity in safe working order.
  • Maintenance and repairs due to reasonable wear and tear
  • Safety checks and services including electrical installation condition report and 12 month gas check.
  • Smoke alarms – if you do not have a working smoke alarm contact us immediately

Managing agent responsibilities of retirement renting

The managing agent is the company who manage the development – they employ the on site manager.

The managing agent is responsible for:

  • Buildings insurance – and any repairs following a claim
  • Repairs and maintenance to the building and structure and exterior of the building including lifts and roofs
  • cleaning and maintenance of communal areas e.g. gardens, lounge, bin store

Repair Responsibilities

The responsibility of repairs and maintenance is shared between the tenant, the landlord and the management company at the development.

The table below outlines the most common repairs – please check the list to see who is responsible before reporting a repair or carrying out repairs yourself.

Repair ListTenant Landlord Managing
Blockages to toilets or sinks tenants have causedx
Changing light bulbs x
Batteries in doorbellsx
Curtain railsx
Lost keysx
Infestations including insects and verminx
Sink and bath plugs and chainsx
Broken windows (if damaged by the tenant)x
Dripping taps and leaksx
Faulty storage heatersx
Blown window unitsx
Water heaters and boilersx
Sanitary ware (basins, sinks, baths and toilets)x
Water, gas, electricity and sanitation and the equipment that has been installed for delivering these servicesx
Cleaning and maintenance of communal areas including the residents lounge, garden, laundry and carparkx
Heating and hot water installationsx
Structure and outside of the buildings, including the roof and external wallsx
Paths and steps to the buildingx
Shared facilities such as door entry system, 24 hour emergency call systems, rubbish areas and liftx
External window cleaningx