End of tenancy/contract checklist


Make sure your rent is paid up to the end date of your tenancy or contract.

Direct Debit

If you pay by Direct Debit we will ensure that this is stopped. If the final month’s rent needs to be adjusted we will arrange this for you. Please do not cancel the Direct Debit yourself.

Standing Order

If you pay by standing order or a paying-in book, please make sure that the final month’s rent is paid on the due date. You will be responsible for cancelling the standing order after the final rent payment has been made. We do not have the authority to cancel it. We will return any overpaid rent but will also aim to recover any unpaid rent or outstanding debts.


Please make arrangements to vacate the property and leave it clean and empty of all your possessions by the last day. You must take all your furniture, personal belongings and rubbish with you.


The flat and any contents belonging to the landlord should be left in a clean and tidy condition as at the beginning of the tenancy/contract This includes all the floor coverings such as vinyl or carpet. Dirt is never considered ‘fair wear and tear’. If the flat is not left in a clean and tidy condition we will have to arrange for it to be professionally cleaned and will retain the cost from your deposit.

Making good

You will need to make good any damage caused to the property during the time you have lived there, including any wall fixings and picture hooks.


Make arrangements to forward your post to your new address. Let us know your forwarding address If we don’t have your address we can’t return your deposit to you.

Forwarding address

Under the terms of your agreement or contract you must provide My Future Living a forwarding address.

Council Tax

Contact the local Council Tax office to confirm the last date of occupancy – if not they may continue to charge you.

Take final meter readings

Contact your electricity, water and gas suppliers as appropriate with meter readings up to the last day of the tenancy and request that the final bill be sent to your forwarding address. Please notify them that future bills are to be sent to My Future Living at our usual address.

Switch off

Please ensure that when you leave the property you switch off all heaters and water heaters, electrical appliances and lights to avoid any unnecessary electricity usage when the property is unoccupied.

Leave main power supply on

Please do not turn off the main power supply to the property. If your property has a Gledhill water system, please leave the power to the system on so the pump can still run.

Secure the property

Close and lock all doors and windows and leave the property secure.

Return keys

All the keys, including any security key fobs, patio door and window keys for the property and any development entrance keys, must be handed to the on-site manager or to a My Future Living representative on or before the last day of your occupancy.

If this is not possible, (e.g. the on-site manager will be unavailable when you leave) please inform us of any alternative arrangements in advance. It may be possible to drop off the keys the next day, but remember that you cannot enter the flat once the tenancy/contract has ended.

Returning your deposit

The property will be visited by our representative to complete the check-out report as soon as is reasonably possible after the last day of the tenancy. This will include details of any repairs and maintenance issues you are responsible for as well as damages or missing items. We will notify you of the inspection findings.

Please see your tenancy agreement for further information about deposits and how they are dealt with at the end of the tenancy.

Any issues

Please let us know if you are having any issues getting ready for the end of your tenancy, especially if you are going to find it difficult to vacate the flat on the final day. We may be able to help, but only if you let us know what is happening – please contact us.