Renting in retirement; customer satisfaction survey

Posted 24th October 2023

What customers say about My Future Living

Once a year, we invite all tenants to complete an annual survey. We ask them for their thoughts and experiences on retirement renting as well as how they feel about the service they receive from My Future Living.

Retiring in a community

Out of the 501 responses that we received; we can summarise that 77% of respondents live alone. One of the key benefits of living as part of a retirement community is that it helps to stave the loneliness that some people can experience during retirement.

Many of our customers make use of the communal lounges and gardens. Many developments’ residents will also organise events, share meals and arrange day trips.

Location, location, location

When asked what was most important when searching for a new home, 59% reported that location was the priority. Choosing the right location ensures that the activities that you enjoy can be achieved. 62% of respondents stated that maintaining an active lifestyle was key to them, so having access to outside spaces and walks would be beneficial. 60% of our customers felt that living in a retirement community has made a positive difference to their mental health.

Did you know that 43% of our customers would love to live near the sea in their retirement? 27% stated that they would enjoy living in a town or city.

A happy retiree renting with My Future Living

Feeling safe

54% reported that the 24-hour emergency care line alongside an on-site manager was important. Feeling safe and secure contributes to the feeling of well-being.

Another benefit was the property maintenance did not have to be paid for or coordinated, as My Future Living arrange any repairs that may become necessary.

Lifetime tenancies

56% of customers said that the security of a lifetime tenancy when retirement renting was very important to them. Renting through My Future Living means that they felt more secure that they could live in their homes for as long as they wanted.

The majority of respondents also reported that felt much more financially stable in their current home than before.

Let’s help you find your retirement rental and your new community.