Defeat housing shortage; Rent in a retirement community

Posted 12th April 2024

Retirement Communities may help to combat the lack of housing in the UK.

The housing shortage in the UK has been all over the news in recent years. The nation is staying healthier for longer than ever before, which is great news for those enjoying their retirement years.

However, the population also continues to grow, which is putting a strain on available housing stock for many.

With local councils under increasing pressure to increase their housing supply, we’re seeing many houses be built in more rural areas. This is putting pressure on local amenities and services.

Whilst most of the benefits of living in a retirement community are for the retirees themselves, there is an added benefit of freeing up other properties for couples and families. This, in turn, will help to solve some of the housing shortages and keep people in their preferred location.

It has been estimated that an additional 50,000 new retirement homes each year will help to keep pace with housing requirements.

Rent in a retirement community

My Future Living are committed to increasing the number of properties that are available to retirees. We ensure that our properties are as affordable as possible whilst maintaining the flats in good condition.

The retirement communities offered by My Future Living are designed for independent living with peace of mind that there are like minded people close by. This helps to combat loneliness and most developments will have communal areas which will offer opportunities for social interaction.

Paul and Lindsey Jones moved to Exmouth in 2023. They reflect on their decision to downsize and embrace retirement rentals, and conclude that it is one they wholeheartedly recommend. “It’s worked brilliantly for us,” Paul concludes. “We love our new life, the community, and the freedom it brings. Do not be afraid to downsize – the benefits far outweigh the challenges.”

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